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Corporate Profile

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        HVC, was founded in 2002, mainly engaged in the research and development, production, sales and international marketing of new agricultural chemicals, formulations and pharmaceutical intermediates, etc. Currently, all the products are mainly exported to the European Union. Customized services have been established stable cooperative relationship with more than 30 enterprises in domestic and abroad. In 2011, HVC was approved  as "National Agricultural Chemicals Designated Production Enterprise", and is now the leading member of Shanghai Pesticide and Fertilizer Industry Association.
        HVC is located in Shanghai Green Bay Industrial Park, which is an extended supporting area of the national large chemical industry base on the northern coast of Hangzhou Bay, with superior location conditions, perfect public support and very convenient transportation. HVC has more than 100 employees, including 68 scientific and technical personnel, with more than 20 national authorized patents, applied for nearly 30 national registered trademarks, participated in the development of three national and industry standards. Over the years, HVC adheres to the management concept of confidence, integrity, reliability, innovation , make full use of professional advantages, and constantly improve the core competitiveness. We are committed to new product development and professional customization services in the field of crop science worldwide. Since 2007, HVC has been continuously recognized as Shanghai High-tech Enterprise, and has been awarded Shanghai Science and Technology Little Giant Enterprise, Shanghai Environmental friendly Production Model Enterprise, Shanghai Specialized, Reliable and Innovative Enterprise, Shanghai Patent Work Model Enterprise, Shanghai 'Comprehensive Top 100' and 'Growth Top 100' Technology Enterprise and other honorary titles.
        In recent years, HVC has been moving forward in the direction of specialization, internationalization, scaling up and branding, with focusing on the development of the industrial chain of international cutting-edge technology and market, guided by the international and domestic double-cycle market, supported by innovative science and technology, and with strategic cooperation as the main guideline.


Entrepreneurial Aspiration

        "HeTeng" means "High Victory" (great victory and success) in Chinese. Over the years, HVC continuously improves its scientific research capabilities, and accelerates the pace of transformation of scientific and technological achievements.


Business Concept

        HVC always adheres to the business concept of confidence, integrity, reliability and innovation, sticks to the original intention of technology industrialization, focuses on the development of international cutting-edge technologies and markets.


Vision and Mission

        In line with the spirit of concentration, and profession, HVC works hard and strives for perfection. From raw material procurement, post-processing production to transportation and distribution, HVC pays attention to every link and detail to ensure product quality.


Quality Concept

        HVC has established and strictly implemented ISO9001 quality management system, ISO14001 environmental management system, GB/T28001 occupational safety and health management system.


HSE Concept

        As an advocate and practitioner of the HSE concept, HVC always takes "green technology" as its development goal, and continuously pursues more excellent HSE management through continuous improvement.


Talent Concept

        HVC always sticks to make the best use of employees' talents, establish a corporate culture that is conducive to innovation, establish a sense of crisis, advocate employees' innovative breakthroughs, encourage innovative spirit, and stimulate the creativity of all employees.

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