Equipment Engineer


Equipment Engineer 面议
Department: Engineer
  • Shanghai|| ||
  • 1-3 years
  • Junior college or above
  • Full time
  • 2

Job Description:

1、according to the actual situation and requirements of modern management, responsible for the design of drawings, installation and trial operation of the relevant production process, machinery and equipment and related components, and the development of operating procedures
2、carry out technical transformation or adjustment to the production process, machinery and equipment defects in a timely manner, to ensure the equipment running in good condition
3、make plans of preventive maintenance of machinery and equipment and maintenance machine overhaul, and be responsible for the organization and implementation of maintenance work and inspection, to ensure the quality of maintenance
4、according to the company's production needs to upgrade the relevant machinery and equipment and production processes to improve mechanical efficiency and optimize the product production process


chemical equipment related majors, and have experience in chemical plant equipment management, have a certain understanding of the selection of equipment materials, skilled use of drawing software; college degree or above



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